Sat 08.21.10

Like many humans, four-year-old Lucy won’t let a disability get in the way of her living her life.  This week, the mixed breed became the first paralyzed dog to climb Mt. Washington. You might wonder how she did it.  Well, for starters there were plenty of rest breaks that allowed Lucy to eat and drink.  There were also several weeks of training with her owner, Dunning, that allowed her to get used to longer hikes and higher altitudes. 

The 6,288 foot peak... Read more

Sat 08.14.10

Let’s face it.  The dog days of summer are here to stay and a trip to the beach sounds like a marvelous idea for you and your furry best friend (if you live anywhere but in San Francisco, that is… where it’s winter, and it has been for months). Because you’re lucky enough to live in a hot and sunny part of the country, you are ready to take advantage of your beautiful weather and head to the beach. You pack up the essentials—a picnic basket, your dog’s leash and... Read more

Tue 08.10.10

Oh, Happy Day! Daily Kibble has selected our site to feature as today’s Daily Scoop!

Daily Kibble is a daily e-mail newsletter and web site featuring “the latest, greatest, hottest, and coolest everything for pets: things to do, things to buy, and services for our furry four-legged best friends.” I love my Daily Kibble emails. I don’t eat them – I just read them. Learn more about Daily Kibble at their website,!

Sat 07.31.10

Animal Lover, Author, Massage Therapist, and Yoga Instructor Brenda Bryan believes in the healing powers of her Barking Buddha Dogma classes.  Both she and I believe that aging pets benefit physically and psychologically from the Hatha-based Yoga stretches that she teaches.  Older dogs suffering from hip dysplasia and other ailments feel relief by improving muscular skeletal health.  Opal and Dixie happen to wake up each morning and do their own versions of doga --... Read more

Mon 07.26.10

I wish I could share with you all the great photos we’ve taken of Opal, Dixie and our slew of kitties, both past and present. They’re so photogenic and have unique personalities that are easily captured on film.

A great photograph speaks for itself; it captures its subject perfectly and conveys a message about the time, place, and mood.  Taking a memorable photograph of your pet doesn’t require professional equipment or skills.  A simple digital camera will... Read more

Mon 07.19.10

As my friend Rachel and I were saying this morning, we're all sick and tired of people trying to sell us things these days. I, for one, am fed up with being stopped at every corner by someone with a petition when all I want to do is take a leisurely stroll. I can't help but feel intruded upon when I innocently answer the phone, only to have someone ask me to donate something, or when I read an informative article about nutrition, only to learn that the piece has been... Read more

Fri 07.16.10

I just read another article about the plight of puppies sold in pet stores, and now I'm so, sooooo heartbroken - again. These poor pups are forced into such tragic lives and it breaks my heart to imagine what happens to them when day after day, week after week and month after month they remain caged, confused and unwanted.

Pet store puppies do tend to come from puppy mills, not responsible breeders, just as you’ve been hearing and reading about more and more... Read more

Thu 07.15.10

A month or so ago, the United States Post Office and the Humane Society of the United States teamed up to create stamps, cachets, and other merchandise featuring shelter dogs and cats.  The Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps feature the images of ten adopted pets, five felines and five canines, as a way to raise awareness about animal welfare.  The stamps are available for purchase through the mail and at your local post office and are part of an ongoing... Read more

Mon 07.12.10

I attended Muttville’s 2nd Annual Moolah for Mutts fundraiser last night, and I was astounded by the turnout. Both the number of dog-lovers in attendance and the fabulous array of silent auction items so generously donated by spas, restaurants, hotels, wineries, artists, and vendors throughout the Bay Area tell me that the movement to rescue and find homes for senior dogs has finally taken San Francisco by storm. The heart and soul of Muttville is Sherri Franklin,... Read more

Fri 07.09.10

Summertime gives me plenty of reason to celebrate. Perhaps it's because I grew up overseas in the tropics that it’s never quite hot enough for me here in San Francisco. Frankly, it’s not even warm enough, let alone hot enough! Even though summer in San Francisco is much, much cooler than it is in other parts of the country, at least we do get that occasional, glorious burst of heat from time to time. Warmer weather brings us out of our homes and into our backyards... Read more