Fri 09.13.13

Photo Credit: Karen Arnold

If you’ve ever lost your dog for even a second, you know just how nerve-wracking it can be. There’s searching followed by waiting and even a period of time that worst case scenarios run through your mind. Hours, days, and weeks may go by without word of where your furry friend has gone to.

Many people will admit that losing a pet is akin to losing a child. The frustration felt... Read more

Sat 08.24.13

Pets and fun are synonymous.  That’s why it’s interesting to see what types of events are being offered in your local community for you and your furry friends. The month of September has a lot to offer pets and their guardians.  In fact, you’re likely to be out and about a lot during the fall because there is so much to celebrate!

Some of the events that are happening across the country are:

Second Sunday: National Pet Memorial Day

While this one... Read more

Fri 07.19.13

It’s summer time again and you know what that means!  It’s time to get outdoors with your dog and have some good old fashioned fun!  Nothing is more exciting than spending quality time with your pet. 

With August, National Dog Month on the way, we have turned our focus to that huggable, loveable, wagging four-legged friend we all enjoy every day of the year.  The warmer weather means that we can do so much more with our pooches outdoors. 

Here are 5 ways... Read more

Sat 06.08.13

Before you grab your next bottle of drinking water, consider the plastic bottle it comes in. How was the bottle produced and transported?  What is it made of?  And, more importantly, what happens to it once it becomes empty?

How It Was Produced/What It Is Made Of

Bottled water comes in a variety of colorful bottles with good looking labels. Surely the benefits of the drinking water must be greatly increased by the magical waters contained in bottles... Read more

Fri 05.17.13

It’s a grim subject, but one you need to consider as a pet guardian.  What would your beloved pet do without you?  Although most people take the precautions necessary to prepare their families for death, few realize how important it is to include their pets in their plans. 

Do you know what would happen to your precious companion if something were to happen to you?  Have you appointed a pet-loving friend or family member as the person to care for them?  If you... Read more

Tue 05.07.13

May 14th is Animal Disaster Preparedness Day.  Do you have a plan in place?  If you’d like your pets to fare as well as possible in the event of a disaster, read on! I'm about to share some important safety tips for protecting you and your furry family members from danger.

Get a free Rescue Alert sticker from the ASPCA.  Fill out the online form and wait 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.  The Rescue Alert sticker has three types of information on it.  First, it refers... Read more
Sat 04.13.13

April is a busy month.  Not only is it National Poetry Month, it is also Community Service Month, Stress Awareness Month, Pets are Wonderful Month and it’s the topic of my blog today, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.  I love that all of these causes coincide, because pets can be celebrated with all of them!  You and your pet can serve the community by bringing joy to Senior Citizens, young patients in a children's hospital, or at a special needs group home. We... Read more

Tue 04.02.13

April is National Pet Month! The annual celebration highlights the benefits of pet ownership. It also supports pet adoption, increases public awareness of the different products and services provided to pets by professionals that work with animals, and increases awareness of the role played by companion animals. If you want to make this year’s month-long celebration extra special this year, why follow these ten tips:

Adopt a shelter pet. Give an animal a new lease... Read more
Fri 03.15.13

I'm late! March 3rd through the 9th was the 19th annual Professional Pet Sitters Week. I meant to share this with you earlier, but it seems I missed my mark… sigh… The annual celebration highlights the important role pet care professionals play in our lives and the lives of our pets. Not only are there some wonderful kennels, B&B-type homes and "resorts" similar to Tappen Hill in beautiful Sebastopol, just a bit North of San Francisco, but there are also pet... Read more

Sat 03.02.13

Want to add variety to your dog’s diet?  Well, look no further than Cooking with Canines: 30 Fun Recipes for Man’s Best Friend! by Michelle Day.  The author uses fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, and peanut butter to create lip smacking goodies to feed your precious pooches.

The easy-to-follow instructions tell you everything you need to know about creating wholesome eats in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Day also writes about a subject she... Read more