Fri 04.22.16

This topic came to mind because here in San Francisco I've noticed a troubling rise in missing dogs. Not too long ago, a Chihuahua was stolen from a a parked -- and locked -- car, outside a supermarket. An elderly Beagle was taken while tethered by the entrance to Whole Foods, in plain view of workers and customers. And only two weeks ago, a chocolate Lab was taken from outside a Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood while the owners were inside, dining. 

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Thu 04.14.16

In an interesting spin on a countdown of best workplaces, Contently ran down “The 6 Most Unique Co-Working Spaces in the World.” The workspaces for freelancers range from kayaking, scuba diving, climbing and surfing. That made us wonder what would it be like to have a dog office, even outside of Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 24, 2016.

For those who aren’t already familiar with Take Your Dog to Work Day, or Take Your Pet to Work Week, the first celebration... Read more

Sun 04.10.16

If you’re a dog owner who has never come home to a suspicious piece of tissue, something half eaten from the garbage or a random shoe with tooth marks, your dog may be a robot. No matter what breed the dog is, or how well-behaved, something like this is bound to arise for even the best pet owner. And while the dog may initially be the first to blame, how many owners step back and wonder, “Did this happen because I was gone too long?”

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Fri 03.18.16

Just the thought of someone scratching a chalkboard can make humans cringe. Now multiply that feeling by two to five if a fire truck or vacuum is turned on. Welcome to the world of dogs and cats.

Jarring loud noises like these can make a dog run into hiding, especially the closer the loud noise gets to him or her. According to PetMeds, dogs can hear at a frequency range of 40 to 60,000 hertz (Hz). Human hearing range is approximately 20 and 20,000 Hz. (Cats are... Read more

Fri 03.11.16

From OCD to foxtail dangers and paw massages, the way a dog and its owner treats paws can affect everything from heart to legs. Check out these five tips to help improve a dog’s paw health.

Recognizing lick granuloma

People aren’t the only living beings who can develop obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Dogs can, too, but pet owners may mistake a pet repeatedly licking or chewing at its paws as playing around.

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Tue 09.29.15

Exercising with your dog isn’t only beneficial for you, but also for your pet. In this article, Jordan Walker, a pet blog enthusiast, and the lead content curator of Coops and Cages, explains the benefits of having dogs as exercise buddies. 

Obesity is one of the most common issues that could cause a number of diseases to humans, or could worsen an illness a person is diagnosed with. Thus, to avoid further complications, many decide to work out and... Read more

Tue 08.25.15

What school of dog training are you willing to subscribe to?  Were you only taught “old school,” William Koehler (dating back to 1946) “yank and crank” dog training, which uses negative reinforcement techniques such as intimidation, fear and punishment (including correction devices that you wouldn’t want used on yourself) to get your dog to do what you want? Koehler’s methods are even more controversial today than they were 40 years ago, but, unfortunately, his... Read more

Tue 08.04.15

Ahhh, obesity; one of the most common canine (and feline!) conditions and the one I am most frequently compelled to write about. Surprisingly, few pet parents realize just how threatening obesity is to their pet’s health, so I thought I’d spend a little time on this one.

Dogs carrying even a few extra pounds of weight have extra demands put on virtually every organ of their bodies. When these organs are overloaded, disease, and sometimes even death are the... Read more

Tue 07.14.15

If your dog is chewing up your possessions in your absence -- rugs, furniture, what-have-you - there is a strong possibility that there may be periods of yelping, howling and whining occurring as well. You wouldn't know this, because, after all, you're away from your home and don’t hear it. The first step in changing the behavior is recognizing the behavior.  The next step involves recognizing that you are highly likely the one responsible for the behavior. Is the... Read more

Tue 02.24.15

There are several safety tips you can follow to help keep your pet safe. These come to us courtesy of the American Humane Association.

Don't Let Your Dog Ride In An Open Truck Bed

Any sudden start, stop, or turn may toss your pet onto the highway where it can get hit by oncoming traffic. It is estimated that at least 100,000 dogs die this way each year.Open truck beds do not provide any protection from the weather. Hot sun can heat the metal floor of... Read more