Fri 04.10.09

This is my favorite ?get rid of cat pee? site.  Cat pee serves two purposes: to offend and destroy. Nini succeeds on both counts. Nini?s pee, packaged, would be an effective biological warfare weapon. It could wipe out an entire nation in moments. Mr. Ronning?s tips do remove the carpet pee smell as well as can be expected, but I've still had to take to surrounding Nini?s litter box with Depends.

Sat 04.04.09

Having just read of the upcoming August 2009 release of an American remake of the 1987 Japanese film, Hachiko monogatari, I wanted to recount this beautiful, touching tale of a dog's loyalty to its owner. The original film was the recipient of the prestigious Genesis award in 1988. Genesis Awards categories span television, film, print, radio, music, and the arts. The awards committee includes people from all walks of life who all share a genuine, demonstrated... Read more

Sat 04.04.09

The craziest thing! I could I have forgotten to share this story?


So there I was,... Read more

Sun 03.15.09

I am often asked about the benefits of fish oil vs. flax for pets. Both fish oil and flax offer benefits. Both are excellent sources of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid that supports cardiovascular health, the immune system and healthy brain function. Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory (calming the effects of diseases such as arthritis), and it contributes to healthy skin and coat for pets and much healthier skin for us. Both fish oil and flaxseed oil are actually... Read more

Thu 03.12.09

Back on track! Had a successful surgery in December, recovered well enough to return to my day job part-time, and am now taking a little break as I embark on Caca Chemo and all the rest of it. Yippee (not for the upcoming treatments, but for the little break from work).

Nini, my hot-blooded kitty, has been planting herself on top of me more often than usual. When I sleep, she's right up on my pillow, curling up next to me like a cashmere scarf. When I'm on the... Read more

Tue 12.02.08

I was diagnosed with breast cancer last month, and this may throw a little wrench in my blogging capabilities, depending upon what my treatment holds in store for me. My surgery will be the day before Christmas Eve, after which I hope my recovery will be speedy and I'll be back online before I can screech, "Happy New Year!" That said, it looks... Read more

Sun 11.09.08

Yikes... it's me again... the worst blogger on the planet. But I ask you again: where the hell does one find the time, for cryin' out loud? I've suddenly found myself with such a busy life, with barely time to do the laundry, vacuum or water the plants, let alone blog. But I'm going to be more diligent; I promise! So get this: I was recently on KRON Channel 4... one of the major local TV stations in the Bay Area. I was on talking about my fabulous wellness products... Read more

Sun 11.09.08

Here I am, chatting about Opie and Dixie products on KRON 4, "The Bay Area's News Station."

Thu 09.25.08

How I love my Flax Fur Pets nutritional supplement! As I continue to test the waters, it's the talk of the town as is the shampoo, no doubt because it consists of nothing but 100% natural, entirely human-grade ingredients. The owner of one of my accounts, North Beach Pet Supplies in North Beach, San Francisco, who breeds and shows Irish Setters, has switched from a much better-known supplement to mine because she swears that it has made her dogs' coats even more... Read more

Tue 08.05.08

How can it possibly be months since I've written anything? It's not like I have a life or anything. So here's something that blew me away.

Since Opal and Dixie love to roll in the stinkiest, nastiest stinks they can find on the beach or in the park, I had to bathe them last weekend. I thought I'd try a competitor's shampoo -- it's a big, big seller; probably the biggest seller on the market. I love the smell of it, but I do have to say that the thick... Read more