Wow, this stuff is great, it smells wonderful, doesn't annoy the dogs, and it lathers very fast, which with JRTs is a blessing. I haven't used it for me yet, but I'm tempted!

Via Email from zigzagzilla, San Francisco, CA


I started using Flax Fur on my vet's recommendation and this product has given my 10 year old dog a puppy-like attitude. She is healthier and her skin no longer itches. We are off all medications and I swear by this stuff. Thank you so much for creating Opie and Dixie. You are a true animal lover.

Via Email from N. Fedder, New York, NY


My Scooter had dry skin and thinning fur until I tried Flax Fur Pets. His fur seems to be shinier, thicker and less prone to shedding, which is great in my book. This and the shampoo together have been a great combo for him!

Via Email from J. Kemp


I am almost done with my first jar of Flax Fur Pets. I was surprised to see such a difference in my dogs. I have a Lab with dry skin, a Sheltie with allergies and an older "poodly" dog. I started giving all of them Flax Fur Pets in their food. Not only do they seem to enjoy the taste, the Sheltie's allergies seem to have improved, my Lab's fur is shinier and softer, less itchy and my oldest Rocky seems friskier. I know it sounds like "miracle" hype but I haven't changed anything else in their care.

The safety and therefore the origin of products is always a concern of mine. The company owner was kind enough to call me back and assure me that everything except the kelp is safe and domestically produced. The kelp is Norwegian and safe as well. If you visit her site you'll find she cares as much about pets as good, responsible people do.
I don't know the manufacturer but I thank her for making this product.

Via Email from Molly's Mom, Imperial Beach, CA


"Every winter, not only does my own skin get dry and itchy, but Hero's used to as well. The salesgirl at my local pet store suggested I try Flax Fur Pets and the dandruff shampoo, and a few weeks after I began using them, Hero stopped scratching and biting his paws like he used to. I love the shampoo and bring it to Hero's groomer to use. No more embarassing snowflakes sprinkled all over his black fur! These are truly terrific great products and I'm glad I discovered them."

Roger Barlow, San Francisco, CA


"I love the smell and consistency of this shampoo! Greta has thick fur and most shampoos don't penetrate to her skin, but Opie & Dixie's shampoo has a very liquidy, bubbly consistency, so it washes in easily and then rinses right out. The bottle has lasted me forever. I love the fresh smell, too!"

KD Kolter, Mountain View, CA


"My dog Lucy and I couldn't live without the the Flax Fur Pets supplement! Not only is it nutritious but Lucy thinks it is a treat as well!
She looks forward to it every morning and evening when I put it in her food bowl. It really is the best food supplement I have tried. Thank you!"

Anamaria Isaacs, San Francisco, CA


"I have tried every vitamin on the market with my picky dog, Sasha. I thought I'd never find a vitamin she actually wanted to take, until I found
Opie & Dixie vitamins! Every night when I walk through the door, Sasha gets one vitamin, and then begs for more! Thanks, Opie & Dixie!"

Dan Ford, San Francisco, CA


"Hi! I'm Luna - - A-Rooo! I've been using Opie & Dixie's Flax Fur Pets, shampoo and daily vitamins for a couple months and my coat has never been shinier! I brought Opie & Dixie's shampoo to my last grooming and everyone was delighted to see the results of my soft, silky fur! I've been telling all my friends at the dog park that they should use it too! I'm lucky not only to be able to use these wonderful products, but to have Dixie and Opal as my friends, too!"

Luna, San Francisco, CA


"I tried the herbal shampoo for the first time on my dog, Cosby, and immediately fell in love with it! The size of a quarter is all you need for a full body lather. After the first wash, I noticed an immediate difference in his coat - smooth and shiny! Plus, the wonderful flowery smell of the shampoo is a plus for any dog washer!" 

Bridget Waldman, mom of Cosby, San Rafael, CA