Thank you again for sending us the rosehips dry shampoo and conditioning mist! I love the fragrance and Harley enjoyed it much more than taking a real bath! We put on her rose bandana to celebrate

Anna Rienstra


Many years after her first bath with your shampoo when she was 7 mos old, this is Abby after her bath with your Oatmeal & Almond Shampoo. She loves how clean she gets and I love the mild scent. When other people tell me how their dogs hate to be bathed, Abby actually jumps in the tub when she sees your shampoo bottle. We also use your Healing Paw Balm in the hot summer months, and I plan on trying your Pawstik this summer. Thanks for all the years of such quality products that I trust to use on my baby, no matter what her age.

Marilyn, from Gurnee, IL

Before and After

In case any one in interested in Snoutstik, here is a before and after. As you can see, Rico has no more dry "crust" on his nose and I can tell he is much more comfortable!

Jamie Ludi, Colorado


Hello, I just wanted to write and express my complete and total satisfaction with your product "Snoutstik."  My little Chihuahua girl has had lifelong sinus problems and has suffered from a dry, rough nose for several years. Other products that I've tried have either been too messy, made her sinus problems flare up or just plain didn't work. So when I saw the Snoutstiks at the store I had my doubts but decided to try one and am so glad I did. I chose the pumpkin variety and she does not mind me putting it on her at all, it's so easy to apply, not messy, and it really does nicely moisturize her nose without any problems whatsoever! I am thrilled and although I don't normally contact companies I had to let you know that this product is excellent and I will most certainly be shopping from and recommending your products from now on!
Elizabeth Rehberg, St. Louis, MO

Rescue Kittens

We are in LOVE with the gentle puppy shampoo you donated to our rescue group! I have used it for all the rescue kittens I've taken in & we swear by it. So gentle with the most subtle scent. I have attached photos of my two most recent rescue kittens that I used your puppy shampoo on just last week as they came to us filthy & covered in fleas. They smelled so good afterwards! And as you can see in the photos, they were exhausted after their bath!
Lori, Whiskers Animal Welfare


I recently purchased the shampoo and it's great. I have an English Spring Spaniel and it works fabulously for him. He smells great after a shampoo! I use tea-tree oil shampoo for myself, and it's great to have a dog shampoo that has it also. If you want to get a top quality product for your dog (they're worth it!), definitely try this out.

Matthew A. Soldo, San Francisco, CA


I love this doggie shampoo! I originally tried this as a recommendation from a friend and it is WONDERFUL. There is a fresh clean smell, no skin reaction from my dog, and she has a shiny clean coat. Great shampoo!

Angela Demorest, Pleasanton, CA


LOVE LOVE LOVE this shampoo. I use it on my Airedale's wirey coat. She smells great (a fresh clean scent, not that perfumy smell), it's gentle to her skin, and it has a nice feel to it when you're shampooing. I don't feel like I'm shampooing tons of chemicals into her coat... this is definitely a quality shampoo. I recommend this entire line!

Via Email from mlp, Illinois


Okay, maybe I'm nuts, but I have to wash my cat. He's an older fella and his hygiene isn't what it used to be. Plus he hangs out in the window all day with a whole city's worth of vehicles coughing soot all over him. I tried this shampoo after falling in love with the O&D Flax Fur Pets treatment. I love this one even more! It reminds me of my own Clairol Herbal Essence days... Long live O&D! I can't wait to get a t-shirt!

Via Email from A. Palmer, New York, NY


I love this product. My dog Ulysses has been suffering from atopic Dermatits since he was 6 months old and now he is 6 years old. During that time I had tried countless shampoos without a lot of relief. I tried Opie & Dixie Product and it worked great. His redness subsided and he stopped scratching everywhere. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Via Email from NR, San Francisco, CA