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6 Facts About the Chiweenie Dog Breed

 Have you ever heard of the Chiweenie? No? Well, you are in for a treat folks, believe me on that.

Fun Ferret Facts

Ferrets are becoming more and more popular as pets, which means that learning about them before getting one is extremely important.

8 Essential Facts about Dogs

All dog lovers should be aware of these 8 essential facts about dogs, from how they bond with us to how to best care for her. Take a look:


In Memory of Our Opal (Opie)

It is with a shattered heart that I share with you the news of Opal’s (Opie) passage over the Rainbow Bridge in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, March 12th. She would have been 16 years old this year. Even in her later years when she began to lose her hearing, became a bit senile and her back legs weakened, she was actually never in pain.

Becoming a Great First-Time Pet Owner

Pet ownership is a huge responsibility, especially for a first-time pet owner.  Like having children, it’s not all fun and games but is extremely rewarding and life-enhancing. 

Young Boy with Puppy

The Link Between Diet and Domestication, or Is My Dog Designed to Eat Grains?


Evolution of the Domestic Dog

Remains similar to domestic dogs have been found in burial sites in Siberia dating back as far as 33000 years ago. Similar remains have been found at archeological sites throughout the Middle East whose origins go back 10000 years ago.