Dog Humiliated in Front of Entire Park

Ok. When I first began to read this I felt so sorry for Banjo, the border collie. Of course, when Opal buries her face in mud and grass, acting as though she's never been fed in her entire life (a pretty standard Lab trait), I scold her too. But all she does is turn around and look at me, grass dangling out of her mouth, as if to say, "Yes? Did you call me?" And then turns back around to her grassy meal (aka, caviar), and I'M the one left humiliated. Anyway, I decided to read on, and then I remembered... ohhhhhh, wait... The Onion... Now tell me, is it just me, or is this story really funny?


It IS really funny. Luca read it to me in the car. You know that the Onion completely makes up their stories, don't you? (Of course you do...) But that hasn't stopped foreign news outlets -- including recently the Chinese and once a group of our colleagues in France -- picking up stories from the Onion.