Summer Safety (and Fun!) for Your Pet

I just read the most terrific, comprehensive guide on summer safety and fun for your pet. It's written in such a concise and straightforward manner that I'd love for you all to take a couple of minutes to read it. It's called, The Fun Times Guide. I shared a comment on the site about a fundraiser and adoptathon that I exhibited at about a year or so ago. The weather was scorching hot, and folks had brought their dogs along for the walk. The pavement was so hot that all the dogs were "dancing" on it, with their owners completely oblivious to their pets' suffering sore paws. My friend Daniel, of one of my favorite publications, Fetch the Paper and I decided to patrol the event and inform the owners that the pavement was burning their pets' paw pads. Everyone we approached was caught off-guard with shock, shame yet gratitude for our having opened their eyes.

It was actually this one event that inspired me to develop my own paw balm for paw pad problems of all kinds!!

The Fun Times Guide covers all the bases that every pet owner should be aware of, so, please... read it, and take notes!


Thank you, I am sharing the Fun Times Guide with my friends who have dogs. We live in Florida and it is so upsetting to see a dog sitting in a hot car! People don't realize how hot it gets.