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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Opie & Dixie!

Valentine's Day PupAre you stumped because you don’t know what to give your four legged friend for Valentine’s Day? Why not treat your furry sweetheart to a day of pampering complete with Opie & Dixie products?

Does Your Pet Have Itchy, Flaky Skin?

This seems to be the season when everyone complains to me about their pet's itchy skin, often accompanied by dandruff. I'm told that their dogs obsessively chew on their feet and the base of their tails, and that their vets prescribe steroids and antihistamines to combat the problem. Clearly, if these "solutions" aren't working, why continue on the same, useless path?

2nd Annual Moolah for Mutts Fundraiser

I attended Muttville’s 2nd Annual Moolah for Mutts fundraiser last night, and I was astounded by the turnout. Both the number of dog-lovers in attendance and the fabulous array of silent auction items so generously donated by spas, restaurants, hotels, wineries, artists, and vendors throughout the Bay Area tell me that the movement to rescue and find homes for senior dogs has finally taken San Francisco by storm.

Using All of the Resources Available to Find A Lost Pet

An alarming number of dogs and cats go missing each year. Some wander away on their own accord while others are stolen from homes and yards. Of the 3 to 4 million shelter dogs and cats euthanized annually, a big percentage of "strays" wind up being lost pets that were never reunited with their owners.

You can prevent your precious companions from being destroyed by employing a few tactics that will help speed up the reunion of you and your lost dog or lost cat.