What is the Difference Between "Natural" and "Organic?"

100% NaturalI’m often asked what the difference is between the terms, “Natural” and “Organic.” The answer is really quite simple:

Natural refers to ingredients derived from plants, minerals, or algae. Organic describes substances grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and processed without man-made chemicals. Natural skin care products, though cultivated naturally, may use certain chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and sludge. Organic skincare products are produced naturally, often biodynamically, and are never cultivated with the use of insecticides and such.

In terms of foods, an example would be tomatoes, which are "natural." If grown conventionally, they are treated with pesticides and insecticides in order to reap better. So, although natural, they aren’t organic. Organic tomatoes, however, are grown without the use of these or any other chemicals. It is said that organic skin care products record lesser amounts of nitrates than natural skin care products, and have very high levels of antioxidants and vitamins as well.

100% OrganicI don’t buy ALL my fruits and vegetables organic, but I do use organic hair and body products and cosmetics. Because I treat Opal and Dixie as I do myself, I feed them organic meals using the same standards that I use when preparing my own meals, Because I also believe that whatever goes onto our bodies is absorbed into our bodies, I go organic whenever possible. For example, I don’t want phthalates on my own being, nor do I want them on theirs.

The term “whenever possible” always applies, and with Opie & Dixie shampoos, conditioners and ear wash, ORGANIC IS POSSIBLE!!