Using All of the Resources Available to Find A Lost Pet

An alarming number of dogs and cats go missing each year. Some wander away on their own accord while others are stolen from homes and yards. Of the 3 to 4 million shelter dogs and cats euthanized annually, a big percentage of "strays" wind up being lost pets that were never reunited with their owners.

You can prevent your precious companions from being destroyed by employing a few tactics that will help speed up the reunion of you and your lost dog or lost cat.

Set Out On Foot and Search the Neighboring Areas For Your Dog or Cat

Search areas throughout your home and yard where the animal may be hiding. Use a flashlight to check out closets and crawl spaces. Go door to door and ask your neighbors for their assistance in locating your pet. If you have recently moved to another part of your city, travel back to your old neighborhood and complete a thorough search.

Create a Poster & Offer a Reward For Information About Your Pet’s Whereabouts

Posters are a tried and true method for finding lost pets. Placed in high traffic areas, they generate attention instantaneously. Be sure to include a current photo of your dog or cat, identifying marks or scars, the name that your pet answers to, and a phone number to reach you at. A number of websites offer lost pet templates that you can download and personalize.

Call Shelters & Rescues With a Description of Your Pet & Its Microchip Registration Number

Phone every shelter in your community and inquire about the animals that were brought in that day. Give identifying details about your lost dog or lost cat and their microchip registration numbers. Be willing to email or fax a copy of your missing poster to them as a visual aid.

Place an Ad In Your Local Paper

A daily ad placed in your local paper can reach far more people than other search methods. Include the same information that you did on your lost dog or lost cat poster. Check the Pets Found section and contact the people who have placed ads that fit your pet’s description.

Hire a Pet Psychic or Pet Detective

A pet psychic or pet detective can assist you. Professionally trained, these individuals have helped recover stolen and missing pets for years. They understand the behavior of different types of dogs and cats and offer physical and emotional support to individuals and families with missing pets.

Losing a pet can be a traumatic experience. By keeping your cool and using every resource available, you increase the chances of finding your lost dog or lost cat quickly and safely.