Toot, Toot! (The Sound of My Own Horn)

As my friend Rachel and I were saying this morning, we're all sick and tired of people trying to sell us things these days. I, for one, am fed up with being stopped at every corner by someone with a petition when all I want to do is take a leisurely stroll. I can't help but feel intruded upon when I innocently answer the phone, only to have someone ask me to donate something, or when I read an informative article about nutrition, only to learn that the piece has been sponsored by a food company. That said, today, I will ever-so-delicately promote Opie & Dixie by joining the parade of press we've been receiving. Why hide our pride?

LOOK WHO’S TALKING! People Magazine’s People Pets, NY Daily News, Dogtipper and others love our entire holistic line, and the SF Examiner (by way of the Dayton Small Pets Examiner), loves our Healing Paw Balm. The author wrote that she uses it for her rabbit, Oreo! My favorite line in the article is this: “Oh, and by the way, I have used a great many natural (and unnatural) products on my hands over the years, and I had dramatic, lasting results after using this on my trashed hands. Dramatic.”  Who am I to argue? I use it for my cuticles. It’s great stuff, which is likely why it happens to be Opie & Dixie’s best seller. There. I've said it, and I rest my case.