A Thought or Two on Nutrition

While cats require a high-protein diet, only about 25% of a dog's diet should be comprised of protein; and while it's a yummy treat, home-cooked rice and chicken does not a balanced meal make! A proper balance of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids is the ticket to optimal health. Fish and fish oil are rich in Omega 3's, but it's the ratio of Omega 3's to the 6's and 9's that is important. Those unattractive and often uncomfortable fatty lipomas that so many dogs, especially seniors (due to years of consuming subpar kibble) develop can be managed beautifully by diet. By simply adjusting the fatty acid content in a dog's meal those lipomas can actually shrink and in some cases, disappear! Opal is a prime example of "the dog with the magically disappearing lipomas!" As much as I thought I knew about animal nutrition, I never realized that the high-quality organic meals I'd been feeding the girls were still lacking in certain vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients. Through our holistic vet's advice and guidance I made some small adjustments, added some supplements and to my *shock*, two ping pong ball-size lipomas that were slowly growing on Opal's flanks shrunk ... and are now nowhere to be seen or felt. Not enough can be said about diet when it comes to diseases as severe as canine cancer to less serious conditions such as dry, itchy skin. In a nutshell:  Attention to diet breeds miracles!