Rainy San Francisco Days

Most dogs don’t really care whether it’s rainy, windy, cold or warm. Opal and Dixie happen to love crisp, cold weather with only a hint of a breeze. They’re not fans of the heat; probably due to their heavy black coats. I, on the other hand, love sunny, scorching, sweltering heat. I am not-not-NOT a fan of San Francisco weather, which is typically cold, misty, foggy and windy.

When we first adopted Opal she hated the rain, and when it’d be stormy or rainy outside and I’d try to take her out for her pees and poops she’d pull back like a dressage horse not keen on jumping. This was both a curse and blessing. A curse because I knew she had to do her business, but a blessing because after picking her up and carrying her across the street to the park, she’d go instantly and then start dragging me home, and you’d better believe that I was even happier to get home than she was.

Then we adopted Dixie. Ahhhhh, carefree Dixie. Dixie couldn’t care less about the rain. She loves people, she loves dogs, and she loves the rain. When we adopted Dixie it didn’t take long for Opal to realize that to Dixie, rain was no big deal. In no time she'd swayed over to Dixie’s way of thinking. Ever since then, rain or shine, the two of them are all too happy to drag me out into the storm and splash around until they’re good and tired. Never mind that I’m the one pulling back like that dressage horse.

We’re about to welcome in the rainy season here in San Francisco, and I’m gearing up for the inevitable. I’m prepared – I’ve got my rain boots and rain coat ready, and I’ve been working on my best begging and pleading voice:” Awwww, come on girls, pleeeease can we go home? PLEEEEASE?” Oh, I whine and moan, but if prancing around in a storm while I shiver and shake makes them happy, who’s complaining?