Pet Gifts for the Holidays

The holidays are a festive time of year for all.  When purchasing gifts for your family members and friends, don't forget to include your pets on your shopping list.  Dogs and cats love getting new toys and snacks to eat just as much as you do!

We’ve compiled a little list of gifts for you to consider this holiday season.  We wanted to include a wide variety of choices in different price ranges to give you some options this Christmas.  Here are some of our favorite finds:

  • The Whistle ($99.95) - This isn’t the type of whistle that is used for fun with your pup, but instead is an attachment for their collar.  It’s a wireless sensor device that collects data about your pet’s activity and resting periods using movement-sensing accelerometers.  Right now it’s compatible with iOS devices, but it soon will be useable on Android devices as well.  All that has to be done to get the device working is to download the app! It will then download the date from the whistle to your phone so you can see your dog’s activity levels. I suppose it CAN be fun knowing what your doggie’s up to while you’re away at work after all!
  • DOOG Sticks ($16.99) - Who doesn’t love to play fetch with their dog?  What is stopping you, however, is the small splinters off the twig being digested.  DOOG sticks are fun and eco-friendly.  They’re perfect for dogs to fetch.  They are designed with a rope at the end for easy picking up and throwing and come in a couple of different twiggy characters. 
  • Petmate Self-Warming Bed ($19.16) - Every dog loves to rest.  In the winter, however, they usually can be found where it’s warm and cozy, like on a bed, under a blanket or even curled up with their person. Even warmer and cozier is the Petmate Self-Warming Bed.  This bed uses thermal heat and the dog’s own heat to warm up.  The beds come in different sizes to fit the needs of your furry friend. I sure wish they’d make one my size!
  • Pet Projekt Tennis Bal ($8.00) - What dog doesn’t love a tennis ball?  They’re bouncy and fun! Tennis balls encourage physical activity which is essential to your dog’s health and well-being.  What owners don’t like about tennis balls is how they can get messy, start to fall apart, be a hassle to clean and retrieve, but worst of all… they are very, VERY dangerous for dogs’ teeth and gums (read what Marty Becker, DVM has to say about dogs and tennis balls).  Enter the Pet Projekt TennisBal.  This design has a rubber chew-resistant shell that will hold a standard tennis ball.  It’s ideal because once the original ball wears out, you replace it with a new one. Pet Projekt makes several safe toys. Check them out!
  • Snoutstik ($3.99) - A dog’s nose is super sensitive; it's said to be at least a million times more sensitive than our own senses. Think of how badly your pets must feel when they have sore or cracked noses. Our very own Snoutstik was created to help heal, soothe and moisturize dogs’ dry snouts. Snoutstik is the perfect stocking stuffer and a wintertime must!

The holidays can be a fun time of the year for everyone.  Make it fun for your furry family members as well. With all the pet goodies on the market these days, your dogs (and cats!) can enjoy this special time of the year right along with you!