Opie & Dixie in February’s Natural Health Magazine!

Did you hear that we’re making news these days?  Well, we are!  I just received a copy of this February’s Natural Health Magazine, and lo and behold, there’s Opie & Dixie featured as Editor’s Pick on the Vital Pets page located on page 26.  How incredibly awesome is that?  Pretty doggone awesome indeed!

The write up featured pictures of two of our products, the Oatmeal Almond Shampoo and our Healing Paw Balm (a favorite among Opie & Dixie fans) as well as a small description of our company and its products. The magazine loved how gentle and environmentally sound Opie & Dixie is.  This makes me one of the happiest business owners in San Francisco!

I love it when the press takes notice of what I am trying to do here.  Opie & Dixie products are made from the most natural ingredients; they’re safer for our beloved pets and safer for the environment.  They never contain synthetics, chemicals or pesticides which do more harm than good.

We are greatly concerned with the impact we have on the earth as well.  That’s why all of our packaging is BPA-free and our labels are printed on recycled paper made with a 100% wind-powered manufacturing process.  It’s one of the things that sets us apart from other pet-related businesses.

What goes around comes around.  As long as we remain true to our beliefs, we will continue to make a great impression on the public.  To see some of the other publications and news programs that have featured our products, visit our Press page!