Old Timeys Can Still Enjoy Good Timeys

As Opal and Dixie age, I try to remain aware that despite how vibrant and healthy they are, there comes a time in every pet's life when things slow down and life changes.  It's simply part of the aging process.  As much as we would like for our puppies and kitties to remain young and healthy forever, youth and health are fleeting.  Arthritis may creep in and affect their joints.  Some may develop skin and coat problems.  Others may sleep more throughout the day (Opal's always been a snoozer and couldn't possibly love sleep more than she always has).  Like humans, as pets age they can also become a bit more finicky and a trifle less patient. In Opal's case, they may become a bit stubborn (don't get me started).

Keeping these things in mind, it's important to care for an aging pet the same way you would for a younger dog or cat.  Exercise patience and tolerance.  Know that accidents may happen and mobility may become an issue.  Show your pet the same compassion you did when they were young. 

Spend quality time together and make sure that they get the proper amount of exercise and the right nutrition.  One of the best ways to do that is to add some of Opie & Dixie's Flax Fur Pets to their diet.  This rich blend of veterinarian-approved ingredients includes 60 amino acids, 21 antioxidants, essential macro and micronutrients, and essential fatty acids for your pet's well being. With its all-natural, human-grade ingredients, you can even sprinkle it into your salads or cereal as I sometimes do. Regular servings promote an enhanced immune system and a lustrous, healthy coat.  Their joints will be better lubricated, and you may find their metabolism functioning at an optimal rate. Their bones, nails, and teeth may be stronger.  Supplements provide essential support, but nothing can beat an all natural diet, whether commercial or homemade. What better gift can you give your beloved dog or cat than the gift of good health?

Here are some other tips for you to try with an older pet:

Make sure that they get a moderate amount of exercise.  While Opal and Dixie, at 9 years young, still demand plenty of sunshine, fresh air, at least one round of "ball-y," and sufficient playtime with each other, a walk around the block is actually sufficient for some dogs.  Some playful batting around of a toy mouse is adequate enough for cats.

Stick to a schedule and minimize disruptions.  Your pet is more than likely set in his or her ways, and in some cases, easily disoriented.  Don't change their schedule around too much. 

Provide ample amounts of TLC.  Pet and cuddle up with your dog or cat as you always have.  Make sure that they know that they are still the apple of your eye.

Monitor their conditions closely.  If something seems out of the ordinary, call your veterinarian immediately.  Do not try to diagnose a problem yourself or assume that they just need to "sleep it off."  You're always better off being safe than sorry with pets of all ages, but particularly with older ones.

You can't turn back the clock, but Opal and Dixie are living proof that you can diminish the effects of aging by providing your pet with exercise, proper nutrition, and plenty of comfort.  By providing them with some healthy nutrition and adding the proper vitamins and nutrients to their diet, you can give them a new lease on life and actually make their last years some of their very best.