Muttville's Tuki

I just read a blog on PetSugar which led me to It was about the characteristics that make pets less adoptable. Me, I'm the one who, if I could, would go out and purposefully pick out and adopt the less adoptable ones. We live in your a 2BR apartment, and one more doggie wouldn't be the best idea. Having just lost our little Nini, I'm *this* close to adopting not just one cat, but two. Why? Because two are typically less adoptable than one, and what winds up happening is that the bonded twosome are then separated. So sad. While one lucky kitty winds up in a lovely home (we hope), the one left behind... well... is left behind. Even if the left-behind-one eventually finds a home, the siblings or best buddies who've been together forever are still now separated. Sad, sad, SAD! So, I'd like to adopt a pair. If I could, I'd also adopt lots of old-timeys and special needs pets. I'm partial to old-timeys, as I call them, which is why I donate 5% of all my retail sales to Muttville.

I recently attended a wonderful event at the Hall Winery, sponsored by both The Woof Report and the winery in St. Helena, California. I had my little vendor table all set up and did quite nicely in sales, thank you very much. More important than the sales, however, was the sweet little girl I met. A Muttville girl up for adoption. I was (and remain) absolutely smitten. Tuki appears to be a long-lost relative of Opal (Opie) and Dixie, but several years older. She's about 10. She's being fostered by a terrific couple, and is still up for adoption. I can't stop thinking about her and let me tell you, if she doesn't find a forever home soon, there's no telling what I might do. Smitten I am, I tell you. SMITTEN! A lovebug if there ever was one.