Mt. Washington Proves to Be an Easy Climb for this Paralyzed Pup

Like many humans, four-year-old Lucy won’t let a disability get in the way of her living her life.  This week, the mixed breed became the first paralyzed dog to climb Mt. Washington. You might wonder how she did it.  Well, for starters there were plenty of rest breaks that allowed Lucy to eat and drink.  There were also several weeks of training with her owner, Dunning, that allowed her to get used to longer hikes and higher altitudes. 

The 6,288 foot peak proves to be challenge for even the fittest humans. Without prior preparation, this feat would be impossible. The total time it took to set this record was six hours which gave Lucy her new title as a superstar.

Disabled animals should not be underestimated.  As long as they are physically healthy, they can do just about anything.  Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs make it possible for paralyzed pets to get a second lease on life.  Created by Handicapped Pets out of Nashua, New Hampshire, the mobile devices make it possible for handicapped dogs and cats to function normally. Despite Lucy’s impairment, she behaves like any other dog.  She loves to walk, run, and play.

After this amazing journey, I imagine other disabled animals will be following Lucy’s lead.  After a day on rough terrain, they could use some pampering and do I have some products for them to try! 

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Our Daily Vitamins provide dogs with everything they need to remain healthy and strong.  The chewable tablets taste great and provide the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are often missing in commercial and home-cooked diets.

Last but not least, a good product like our Organic Oatmeal & Almond Shampoo smells great and works wonders on dry skin.  After a day in the sun, nothing beats a relaxing and therapeutic bath!

Here’s to Lucy and all the brave pooches like her that tackle unthinkable feats.  We, here at Opie & Dixie, raise our paws to salute you!