Lost Your Kitty? There is Hope!

Each year, 2.7 million cats go missing; 12 thousand a week are never found---largely because people don't understand the proper way to search or they give up too soon. Kim Freeman of Lost Cat Recovery Services at Lost Cat Finder specializes in finding lost cats who've escaped from their homes or have lost their way and not returned home as usual.  Kim has coached people from all over the world to find their lost cats when nothing else has worked.

Locally, in her hometown of Austin, TX, Kim ventures out and does detailed search & rescue tracking in order to find where these escaped or injured cats are hiding. Nationally, she does lost cat profiling and provides coaching to owners via Google maps and email using specific strategies based on the particular cat's personality and situation. Kim is dedicated to her work not only because it’s gratifying, but because she wholeheartedly believes in her mission and motto:  More cats recovered = Fewer in shelters.

If someone you know is going through the anxiety of a lost cat situation and the usual methods are not working, please refer them to Kim’s e-booklet "How to Find a Lost Cat" at her website, www.LostCatFinder.com.

Not many people are aware that Lost Cat Recovery services exist and end up in despair. Help is available! Please spread the word so that more cats may find their way home instead of becoming feral or ending up as presumed strays in shelters.