How to Have a Memorable Day at the Beach with Your Pet

Day at the beachLet’s face it.  The dog days of summer are here to stay and a trip to the beach sounds like a marvelous idea for you and your furry best friend (if you live anywhere but in San Francisco, that is… where it’s winter, and it has been for months). Because you’re lucky enough to live in a hot and sunny part of the country, you are ready to take advantage of your beautiful weather and head to the beach. You pack up the essentials—a picnic basket, your dog’s leash and watering bowl, sunscreen, and a ball or Frisbee and you prepare yourself for a relaxing day of sun and fun.  You hit your area’s dog friendly beach and select a prime location for you and your beach buddy to enjoy.  It’s close to the ocean so the two of you can get some swimming in, but away from the crowd so that you can play catch for awhile before making the journey home.

A list of dog friendly beaches can be found by visiting  You can decide which location sounds the most appealing and plan a trip there the next time you have a free moment to yourself.  The pull of the ocean is hard for humans and canines to resist.  Just make sure that you read each beach’s rules and regulations before setting out, and away you go!

After a day full of activity, you and your pooch retreat to your car feeling exhausted and ready for a bath.  The Dog of the House gets to be first one into the tub because, well, you know how stinky a wet dog can smell.  You have the perfect solution on hand.  A bottle of Opie & Dixie’s Organic Oatmeal Almond Shampoo will do the trick!  With its rich blend of organic herbal oils and extracts to help soothe irritated skin, this shampoo is perfect for dogs that have been exposed to sunlight and sand the way your beloved canine has.

Bath TimeFor a quick fix that doesn’t involve a full-on scrub, you can use the Organic Rosehips Dry Shampoo and Conditioning Mist. This easy-to-apply product doesn’t require water, which can save you time and resources.  The incredible fragrance comes from a variety of ingredients including organic rosehips, chamomile, calendula flowers, burdock, and safflower oil.  Biodynamic avocado and macadamia oils help your pooch’s coat feel silky soft.

An important thing to remember is to thoroughly clean your dog’s ears.  A day at the beach may have exposed your pup’s ears to foreign objects like sand, grit, and parasites, which can cause infections.  A naturally therapeutic product like our Organic Ear Wash can help prevent bacteria from building up and harming your pet.  It is a veterinarian-developed formula that is medication-free and herbal, which makes it the right choice for those floppy ears.

Once your pet is clean and dry, it’s your turn for some pampering.  A long soak in the tub can be enough to clear your head and get you ready for your next big adventure!