Aromatherapy for Pets: Support and Solutions

Cats and dogs are among the world’s most beloved domestic pets.  As animals age, there are a number of things that can cause them difficulty in walking, playing, and doing everyday things like eating and sleeping.  There are different ways to keep pets healthy and active and while the suggestions are very useful, one thing that isn’t well-known is aromatherapy.  An ancient practice with noted benefits, the use of essential oils is growing in popularity as people seek to live healthier lifestyles.

What Aromatherapy Does

For cats and dogs, aromatherapy can help balance out their bodies.  The health benefits of essential oils is well known for humans but they can be just as beneficial for pets.  All-natural and often plant-based, the oils can do many things to heal your pet’s body.

Here are some of the ways that aromatherapy can benefit both cats and dogs. It can:

  • Support the immune system.
  • Improve joint conditions, digestive or circulatory problems, and respiratory problems.
  • Help calm and relax a pet.
  • Assist with healing a rash and stop itching.
  • Can be used as a flea and tick repellant.
  • Help with emotional issues such as stress, anxiety or nervousness.

The aforementioned ailments and conditions are things that people experience as well as pets.  So, it would be natural to assume that aromatherapy would work for pets as well as humans.  By using essential oils, cats and dogs look and feel as healthy as possible. 

Pay Special Attention to Recommendations

A product that contains ingredients that are safe for humans isn’t necessarily safe for animals.  When using essential oils on pets, make sure to dilute them.  They are generally very strong when concentrated and can be harmful to or even kill pets!  Make sure to check what can and cannot be used on animals before applying any type of essential oil on their skin or bodies. It is recommended to check with a holistic veterinarian on what would be best and how to dilute an essential oil correctly.

There are a number of oils that can be used and these include lavender, ylang ylang, sweet orange, and cedarwood to name a few.  They are safe to use with pets, but as mentioned above, make sure to check with your alternative veterinarian on how to dilute and use the oils. 

Healthy Pets are Happy Pets

Everyone wants their pet to be as healthy and happy as possible.  The use of aromatherapy is gaining ground because people are finding that it not only helps people, it can also assist pets with a number of different ailments and conditions.  For older pets, aromatherapy is highly beneficial as it helps the bones, muscles and joints revive.  This helps the pet to get around easier and be more active.  The end result is a happier and healthier pet that will be in the family for much longer.  Do your furry friends a favor and include aromatherapy into their daily routine.