9 Organic Pet Foods to Consider

Most people pay plenty of attention to the types of food they consume.   Whether the food is from a local farmer's market or it's the organic ingredients, do these people do the same for their four-legged family members?

Just like you, your pet needs to stay healthy to avoid costly vet bills, and it starts with the food they eat every day.  With an assortment of companies on the market, let's take a look at some of the best sellers on the market.

1. Party Animal

These are certified organic pet food products that contain seven natural flavors and plenty of variety. They are manufactured without adding any antibiotics, GMOs, pesticides, by-products or any artificial junk. 

2. By Nature

In addition to natural foods, By Nature offers several organic food options that are certified by the Oregon Tilth. The company offers  dry and canned wet food for both dogs and cats.  Popular flavors  include organic chicken; organic turkey; carrots and peas; organic chicken and turkey combined; and organic liver and chicken combined.  And if you know of any less fortunate pets, you can contact them. They run a philanthropic program where they donate food, offer veterinary services and other basics.

3. Castor and Pollux Organix

This company has a specific formula for various ages, weights, and allergies. They focus on brown rice, fruits, vegetables, chicken, grain-free dry and wet adult pet dogs foods. 

4. Karma

The pet food from Karma is made from grains and chicken, and the company boasts of the nutrients and antioxidants from raw produce, with extra protein from the yeast extract.  The products are 95 percent organic and the company’s eco-ethics don't end there: The packaging bag is also made of a highly biodegradable and compostable material, adding a raw material to your compost bin after use.

5. Natural Planet Organics

These organic pet food products are certified by the Oregon Tilth association, and the list of ingredients is almost the same as your own shopping list.  These ingredients include sea salt, chicken, broccoli, carrots, and brown rice, all with balanced proteins, fiber, fats and other nutritional content.

6. Newman’s Own

From frozen pizza to pasta sauce, Newman’s Own Organics offers more than just food your kitchen; the company also offers your pet the best natural food. The products are 95+ percent organic-certified and are also designed with human-grade food ingredients.

7. The Honest Kitchen

Although the pet food at the Honest Kitchen is not certified, the pet food is made of sustainable and organic ingredients from human grade food; this means it can even be enjoyed by you.  The products don’t resemble the usual pet food, either. They are made from dehydrated whole food, tremendously reducing your carbon footprint.  To prepare the pet meals, you will simply mix with warm water and the meal will be ready.

8. PetGuard

PetGuard is a company that focuses on a vegetarian diet. The company offers organic-certified pet food in both canned and dry forms.  This includes vegetables and even organically grown catnip. 

9. Healthwise Pet Food

This is a subdivision of California Natural. In addition to offering you organically certified foods, they also provide food products for your pet.   These products are prepared through a controlled cooking processes at high temperatures and are subjected to more than 100 quality checks. They also use purely natural ingredients and always consult animal nutritional experts for up-to-date nutritional information.


Stephanie Lynch is from Howmuchisit.org, the Internet's largest cost-helping database.  In her free time, she enjoys her children, reading books and exploring the great outdoors.