8 Essential Facts about Dogs

All dog lovers should be aware of these 8 essential facts about dogs, from how they bond with us to how to best care for her. Take a look:


1. People who own a dog are happier - and may even be healthier!

Its a fact; studies have shown that people with dogs are less likely to suffer from depression.  They can also benefit our physical health; research shows that dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure as well as triglyceride and cholesterol levels. So, just as we look after them, they really do look after us.


8 Facts About Dogs

2. Your dog knows how you feel

A studydone by animal behavior experts and psychologists from the Universities of Lincoln and Sao Paulo shows that dogs can recognize emotions in humans from facial cues as well as tone of voice. They are also able to imitate expressions of other dogs, which shows their capacity for empathy.

While their ability to empathize is still in question, it would explain why dogs try to comfort people who are upset. Indeed, dogs can be very supportive pets for people who are sick or in mourning.


3. Your dog should not be left alone too long

Dogs are, above all, social animals, and they dont enjoy being on their own too long. Try not to leave your dog alone more than 4 hours straight. If your job doesnt allow for this, dog sitters and dog walkers can really help break up the day for your pooch.


4. Their eyes are bigger than their bellies

So this one may not come as a surprise - most dogs have a large appetite, one which would be out of control if you werent dishing out their food. Bear in mind that an overweight dog is at risk of many health issues, from joint damage to increased risk of cancer.

Make sure you stick to feeding her the best puppy food or adult food you can find in the portions recommended by your vet and avoid feeding her table scraps, no matter how much those eyes try to hypnotize you into it!

8 Facts About Dogs

5. Dogs need encouragement

Remember what we said about dogs reading our emotions? Well, they love it when were happy, and they love to be the cause of that! Dogs just love to receive praise from their owner, which often gets you a wagging tail and maybe some licks - if youre lucky.

When training your dog, you should use praise and encouragement, as she is much more likely to repeat good behaviors this way.


6. Dogs must be socialized

Dogs need to be exposed to as much stimulus as possible during puppyhood. You should introduce her to people and dogs of all ages and sizes. Let her sniff and explore on her own, and if she wants to play with a dog or greet someone, encourage her to do so.


7. Dogs and humans bond much like a mother and child

A Japanese study found that humans and dogs can form a bond similar to the one between a mother and child. In the study, when owners and dogs were making eye contact, the levels of a hormone called oxytocin increased in both the dog and the human. This hormone is released during pregnancy and birth and is associated with nurturing and attachment. So, the look of love really is in your dogs eyes - go and gaze into her eyes and feel the bond between you.

8 Facts About Dogs

8. Some dogs love to have a job


While all dogs need exercise, certain breeds such as Huskies thrive on having a job to do at the same time. If you have a high-energy dog that was bred to work, it may be a good idea to stimulate this need in her.

You could take her to agility classes to provide her with a good mental and physical workout. Another idea is to fit her with a doggy backpack on walks. The backpack should be specially designed< for dogs and hold between 10 - 12 % of their body weight.



So, there you have it. Dogs really are mans best friend - they bond with us, sense our emotions, and tend to make us happier and healthier! Your dog should be happy and healthy too, so keep in mind these facts on dogs to better care for your furry friend.